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Nutec homes

Nutec is a man-made cement fiber board, and has become the building material of choice for anything from a simple garden shed to a full size home.

Nutec is a cladding product. It can be applied to the exterior of any structure, and create a weather-tight, long-lasting, low maintenance building, quickly, efficiently, and economically.
In the case of a Wendy house or shed it is applied to a treated timber frame, making a building that, with a small amount of maintenance, will last a life time.
We also use Nutec for additions to existing structures- being incredibly lightweight compared with other materials that do a similar job, it is especially well suited to adding additional floors to houses.
Our team of professional builders have a wealth of building with Nutec, and we can construct with either flat panel boards, or overlapping strips, creating a traditional shutterboard effect.
And our team of decorators can paint your Nutec structure to match any decor theme you have.Our experts are standing by to turn your plans into reality, on time, on budget, and complying to all codes and best practices.
We are so confident in the quality of our work that we guarantee it!.

Some prices for our Nutec homes

Base price

2 x 2m R7000
3 x 3m R9000
3 x 6 m R17000
3 x 9m R24000
3 x 12m R29000
6 x 6m R27000
6 x 9m R37000
6 x 12m R45000
9 x 9m R55000
9 x 12m R65000

Lining and ceiling with Rhino board (add to base price)

2 x 2m R3000
3 x 3m R4000
3 x 6 m R6000
3 x 9m R9000
3 x 12m R11000
6 x 6m R10000
6 x 9m R12500
6 x 12m R14000


We can partition your living space for R1000 per partition.


R7500 for toilet, basin, and shower

R4000 for toilet, basin

Other additional options available on request:
  • cement floor
  • painting
  • sliding door and aluminium windows
  • vernandah
  • pitched roof
All work comes with a 1 year guarantee.

Custom designs and owner plans welcomed.

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